Life With Lupus

Coca cola?


I have switch to Pierre or club soda. A treat without the bad stuff


well lupus can screw anything up, and maybe that is why the coke is making you sick,,i know i used to love dill pickels but now iif ii eat them my stomache screws up really bad. have an ANA test to see if you have thelupus factor......at least you will know then.......purrs..catspaw1955


i have this reaction when i ingest anything with nutrasweet (aspartame) in it.

I think I'm like an ex-smoker, in that I used to be addicted to it, and now that i'm off it, i'm overly sensitive to it.

The coke, it could be the corn syrup. I have a friend who had to eliminate ALL orn produts, but espeically corn syrup, in order to feel well again.

If you're noticing a pattern, then I say honor your intuition and just avoid it. It's not like coke has any nutrients in it that you'll miss out on by not drinking it!

Also, coke is acidic and full of sugar, and both of those things are inflammatory. We certainly don't need anything that promotes inflammation when we have lupus.


me too! sparkling mineral water/ seltzer, when i just gotta have fizz. tea when i just gotta have caffeine. mostly water these days, with occasional selzter.

jamie said:

I have switch to Pierre or club soda. A treat without the bad stuff


i have noticed a correlation between eating/ drinking sugar (especially by itself, as opposed to a little bite right after dinner)- it brings on my shoulder pain. I figured it out at the movies. i found i often would be in pain about halfway through a movie. after eating a ridiculously oversized box of candy. finally connected those 2 dots. right now i'm pretty much sugar free (and no artificial sweeteners, and my pain is much much less. who knew sugar could be so insidious?

lia mason said:

Yes it does it to my body as we speak,I LOVE tea and had to step off I was craving for a gingerale and after drinking it I ache all over ,yes all our bodies are different but some of us do experience the same thing.SUGAR I try to watch my body after I eat or drink anything with sugar and I watch my labels when purchasing my food flushing out with is good for you.


agreed! diet soda is soooo toxic (and for some of us, addictive!)

i LOVED diet soda. so i used tea, selzter and occcasional "real" cokes to get off the diet soda. but the "real" cokes are a "real" problem for me too, i learned. sugar. i think it's my last remaining bad habit to kick, and I'm just about there, hallelujah!

Latonya Jones said:

Yes it can cause a flare due mostly to excessive sugar. The bad thing is diet soda is worse because the aspertame used as sweetener causes inflammation. Have soda on special occasions and follow with lots of water.


Basically I think anything that stresses the body effects lupus. Our bodies are bombarded by lupus so much that any stressor can push us over the edge to a flair
Saying that we have to enjoy life. So find ways around those things
(better said than done)
keeping fighting


I have a Soda Stream…love it! I make fizzy water then add stevia, lemon juice and grated ginger. Very tasty.


I love coca-cola as well better than pepsi. It does cause me more pain and flares. I think it is the carbonation, sugar. I tried to drink to help a migraine, it did not work. I drink only water, sprite (when I am ill) and iced tea.


Could be a number of things… Unrefined sugar is horrible for some lupus patients, caffeine is generally bad and if you hadn’t consumed any in a while the slightest amount could trigger a response. Or maybe, the times you did drink that cola you had already exerted yourself, hence the need for the cola energy burst.


I switched from dark sodas like pepsi and cokes that I loved so much to tea and coffee. So far no more flare ups like I got from dark colas.