Ch50 and Immunofixation-serum tests

Hi Everyone

I am beyond frustrated and ready to fire my rhuemy even though I've only seem him one time. I was tested for the above tests and he says I have nothing to worry about. Here is what they revealed:

ch50 range between (54-144) mine was 209

Immunofixation serum revealed: Polyclonal increase in lgG

I have no idea what these mean. I am frustrated, he said that he didn't want to diagnose me yet with is my story:

April and May bad itching, then in June my hands were cramping and turning bluish white. Diagnosed with Raynauds and then Lupus (by a cardiovascular surgeon).

I went to the MD in July and tested positive for ANA w/Homogeneous pattern, again in Sept repeated the tests and the same.

My symptoms now are:

HORRIFIC ITCHING (i live on benedryl or tylenol pm in order to sleep)

Rashes off and on all over at any given time,

Extremely tired, feel as if I have mono but, I do not.

Bad headaches...when its cold my hands and now feet are hurting...

Swelling in my hands, feet, face...

ANy info on the tests would be helpful..thank you

Hello Mia,

ch50 tests are run to see if theres any increase in autoimmune below explains.

An Immunofixation serum test is run identify proteins called immunoglobulins in blood.

This explains your Polyclonal increase in lgG

by the tests he's done he's mainly testing your protein to see if there's any other autoimmune diseases present and also looking at your blood system.

Mia regarding your rashes coming and going you need to be refered to a Dermo...who will do bloods also and may do a biopsy to find what you have.

The symptoms your explaining sound the same as Lupus but fibro and lyme are all identical diseases in symptoms and you need to find out what degree of Raynauds you have primary or secondary plus you should be under a Dermo concerning that also, regarding pain it does get hurtful as i have Raynauds if can swelling to the hands and feet without any autoimmune disease being involved.

Mia if your not satisfied with his treatment like i was'nt with my first rheumo look for another dermo did'nt mess about with me and refered me onto some higher skilled and he's absolutley great in his field of work.

Hugs Terri xxx

Hello Mia,

Sorry i'm late reply caught a cold virus off my hubby and that's all i need right now.

I'm pleased your covering 3 fields of specialist's in their work and hopefully something will come of it for you but if you find the rheumo not much use again then i would look for another.

Please keep me updated as it would be lovely to know how things go for you.

Love Terri xxx

Hello Mia,

No i'm not on facebook sorry just never bothered been asked and invited so many times but just won't touch it....I'm from the UK.

I'll appreciate you updating me though.

Love Terri xxx