Cellcept for Rashes


I am starting cellcept for the worst rash. I have had Lupus for 14 years now and just this last year started getting the rash. Its been horrific and unbearable the last couple months. I am sure the sun is part of it but was confused on a trip to bali where the rash went away even though i sunbathed. (bali is amazing maybe less stress)

I am starting Cellcept monday, My wedding is booked for JAmica 2013 and I would really like not to have this...HAs anyone has luck with the rash going away.

I have tried everything as far as medication goes ..this is kind of last resort...

Hello faithforlupus,

The sun does'nt help our skin if it's exposed or covered up to how it should be the heat still triggers issues off and the cellcept your going to start today one of it's side affects is causing a rash and the drugs main issue is for the kidney's...there are other members on it who will answer you in due course.

This link below may help on what cellcept does, as i've never taken it and i wish you the best iof luck starting it and please keep we updated on your progress.


Hugs Terri xxx

P.S lovely place for a marriage. :)