Cell cept

Has anyone used cell cept and how has it work for you? I can not move my arms in the morning nor can I lay on my hips or shoulders I already take plaquenil. (?) Hope the insurance pays for it I already got turn down for Benlysta. Any thoughts or feedback would help!!

I take CellCept for my Lupus nephritis. It had helped for some time, but never was able to get into normal range with my kidneys and the loss of protein. Dr. keeps upping dosage. CellCept is very expensive just received the invoice for a 90 day supply and insurance is billed $2,200 some $ and copay is reasonable @ $30.00. It does not block damage to my kidneys and Thyroid when I'm in a mild to major flare and my bloodwork and urine tests will show active disease status. Dr will not put me on steroids or address my iron, b12 or Vitamin D deficiency. He didn't even recommend the shots for b12. Instead he thinks I need to see a nutritionist. Even after I have told him I am nutrient extracting and have turned Vegetarian. I'm ready to switch drs after his ridiculous referral.

Well I was on Cellcept the generic brand and it’s the only thing that worked it takes about to 2 wks to kick in and I really have no side effects but I ran out of insurance and went to Colombia and bought Cellcept the original brand for $4 a pill which is half price. Cellcept the original brand seemed to kick in faster and work better for me