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Hello Every one

We are making a few changes on the site. The categorized discussions have been a big hit on other groups once you get used to them. The colors have changed to be softer and easier on the eyes. If you have any questions please ask.


The mod team

Thank you, purplebutterfly.

I think the changes to the site are FANTASTIC, and am glad you gave us a place to sing praises and say thank you! I am active on a different kind of message board site (not related to illness or health issues, yay!), and their way of breaking things up into forums is wonderful. I've been longing for something like that here, so that those with questions on something that was discussed a month or two or more back might be able to catch the conversation and read about it, rather than building up pages of the same cycle of posts.

That isn't to say that I discourage folks making new posts and asking. It just breaks my heart to see folks wondering if they are lone or feeling anxiety and panic over something and needing reassurance that they would have gotten from a thread a month before they joined.

Anyway, KUDOS to the mod team and anyone involved with the improvements. I'm very excited to see the changes and eager to get to posting in these new forums! Thank you so much for all the effort, coordination, and careful construction that they must have required. It is much appreciated!

I was just getting use to the old way. I have enough trouble navigating My fault, LOL