Life With Lupus

Can't take work and pregnancy


I work. Barely. Got denied social I’m fighting it. They didnt ask my spouse any questions. Btw I’ve had an autoimmune disease since 4. I CANNOT TAKE WORK anymore. I am on the couch for like 3 hours. Please anyone else go through this?


I was diagnosed six years after I got pregnant, and it explained why I was so miserable during pregnancy. I also attempted to keep working and failed. By the time my baby was born, I was out of sick time, vacation time, FMLA, and maternity leave. I had to put my two week old baby in day care, and have regretted it ever since.

My advice to you is to use up all your time off while preggo and let the fire you so that you can get unemployment. Or quit and get welfare. Disability can take years and you need to be with your baby.


Do u have Facebook? Can u please message me at Janelle loveless Schultz. I need help seriously, I just got denied as. So I want to understand how I go about this pregnancy leave… Thank you it’s crazy how u went through this pregnancy thing and now I am pregnant!


This website has some useful information: https://babygate.abetterbalance.org/pennsylvania/


Did you get a lawyer to fight for it. When I first applied I got denied and so I got a lawyer from the tv that fights if your social security is denied and it worked I’ve been on disability for 7 years now. The whole thing took about 6 months


Jerry, your the one that has an episode at night right?


What type of episodes I have many nights where I have a hard time sleeping due to joint pain of frequent trips to the restroom at night due to swelling