Can't catch a break

Can’t catch a break. My knees are almost bone on bone. I had a realignment surgery on my right knee 7 years ago to stall off on a TKR. This evening, I was getting something out of the fridge and a jar came flying out and hit the side of my knee. You would not believe the scream I let out. Now my knee is swollen and so painful. I can barely put weight on it. I had to hobble, walking with the knee bent to the garage to get a pair of crutches. I have an appointment with the ortho to get another round of synvisc on Wednesday. I hope that I did not do anything more serious than bruise the knee. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!

Swelling like that doesn’t sound good. Hope you can get to the bottom of it Wed. Prayers.

There is no fracture. The ortho felt that the joint is just bruised and should heal on its own

That’s good news. Does ice help at all?

I hope you are doing better. I am glad it wasn’t worse, but still that’s tough.

My knee is fine but my foot became infected. The Dr met me in the office, opened the sutures and drained it. I am now on antibiotics. The area is less red today