Cannabis and Lupus?

It is safe to say that anyone is else in here had a go at utilizing medicinal cannabis for lupus? I have sle lupus and been analyzed for more than 3 years. be that as it may, likely experiencing it all my life. what’s more, I am seconds ago this year got my proposal. furthermore, It is a major help. My joints are feeling so much better, and I dont get rashes all finished almost as much any longer.


I would like to know what is Cannabis? and how you use it.

Cannabis is marijuana, and its use is legal in some jurisdictions, and legal if medically prescribed in others.


I don’t know about cannabis but I am trying CBD I can let you know how it works out if you want

I have had lupus now for 8 years my case was very puzzling for the drs. I’ve been on so many Meds my body has gotten use to it now and built up a tolerance for it. My dr don’t have a problem with the :wind_face: cause it’s for a couple of different things like my sleep prob I have no appetite a lot of swelling and so forth. My dr wants me to try some weed with all cbd


Could you let me know how the cbd works for you. Do it help with appetite and sleep

I’ve only been taking it for a little while now ( about a month) and my stiffness and painful joints are better havent had any oxycodone in the last three weeks so its helping I am sleeping better and my gi issues have lessened so all in all it does seem to be helping good luck