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Can´t breathe today!


I woke up today very short of breath. My doctor says that since I´ve been losing a lot of weight, my lungs have been gettiing sort of crushed? and thus it´s getting harder and harder to breathe. I feel like a fish that´s been taken out of the water. Have you ever felt this way? Is there anything I can do about this? I feel so powerless and starting to get depressed again. Do you have any advice for me? Thanks!


Hello Mitze, how are you feeling today ... any better? Does your doctor have any suggestions for improving your shortness of breath? Kindest, JulesG - ModSupport


Hello, thank you for your kind reply. Still feeling the same, but I talked to my doctor and she prescribed Excel for the pain. Hopefully that will work soon! If you have any advice I´d love to hear about it. Thanks again, xo


I don't myself, Mitze, but this has come up in past discussions so if you're feeling up to it you may like to take a read through some posts to see if they offer you any suggestions. Here is a link to search results for 'breathing'.

Feel better soon. JulesG


I don't have any advice for you, I get the same thing. I have pulmonary fibrosis. It's not too bad yet. I went to Stowe VT for a week and had trouble breathing but I thought it was the altitude. Went to Pulmonary DR when I got back and tomorrow I have to go for the Chest wo contrast CT and PFT complete with ABG or Oximetry. I have these tests done three times before and each has been unchanged (since the first one.) I haven't lost any weight lately, unfortunately.I am probably 15 lbs overweight. I wish I could help you. Do you go to a pulmonologist?