Life With Lupus

Can anyone recommend a good doctor in the Sacramento California Area?


I am looking for someone who knows what they're doing and has a decent bedside manner. I know, it's a lot to ask but I thought I'd put it out there :-)



I am pleased that you are already taking advantage of site. Although I can't help you with your question, at the top of the page is a Member Map that would give you some idea of where some of our members live. This could help you by letting you know who lives in the Sacramento area.

Please let us know if you do find a good doctor as we have a place to recommend good doctors.



An excellent therapist is joan frazzini...she is located on I street. 1731 i street. 916 ■■■■■■■■. She only works in sac area a few days at the beginning of the week. She also normally does a sliding scale and does take an insurances or was the last time i saw her. She sincerely is the best therapist!! I have seen some i think are very good but with her...she is just very good at helping people to heal emotionally. You just have to do the work.

There are some excellent rheum in Sac. I been considering driving down there myself ...since they also have teaching college UCD Med center you can get cutting edge rheum. There are also some good ones at Kaiser as well if you have their insurance.

I know Joan usually knows a few good ones in that area too or will know people who do. There were a few rheum who had therapist in their offices so they would work with their patients as well. I know because a friend of mine did that...it was woman Rheum who i know a coworker really liked her. Sorry i do not have them name but you can call and ask around i bet other rheum might know who does also have therapist in their offices as part of their immediate team.


Thanks so much. That sounds like something I’ll have to check into. I appreciate you responding. I’m currently seeing Dr Wiesner in Sac. He’s considered the top rheumatologist in Sac and he is very good but very very busy. On average I’ve had to wait between 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 hours to get in.


You know....i use to see Dr Fitch. This was early 80's and I was only person under 60 in there ...maybe 50. But with both him and my Internist who both are excellent doctors or were( dr fitch retired) I had to wait that long and it got where i just call from work and they tell me how behind they were. I did not mind like many others because they always took as much time as i needed when it was my turn plus both were always there for me when i was seriously sick.

I have not heard about Dr Wiesner or if he is the best....i think what matters is how much you personally like him and how he treats you as a person. Did he trust and listen to you? Let you genuinely participate in helping to make decisions about your medications and options to help your health?

Also, does he spend or book half hour appt per patient?I know if he is Kaiser Rheum that is out of his decision making and that is why they get so far behind but doctors who have their own office can and should book half hour appt per patient in my eyes. Yes, sure some they could get by with 20 minutes but just by the time they are done checking our joints and rest of our body a good ten minutes has flown by!! so if only 15 min appt you have 5 min to discuss how you been doing and any issues or new drugs you might be considering etc.

I appreciate you answering me....because i might end up still going down there. Right now my car is sick and will not make it that far and fixing it is expensive so not sure about my options. I could go back to one in Redding but he made really horrible mistake that cost me a life long health problem...so trust is gone. He will not let me see his partner...which i think is rude but he was afraid i was i going to sue him too. Something i had not even considered....again it goes to show how well he really knew me after 7 years of seeing him!


Dr. Weisner is pretty amazing but you do have to wait a long time to see him. He sees patients from 6:30 am until the last one is done. My last appointment was at 6:00 pm and I didn't get into see him until 8:00 pm and he had another patient after me. The thing about him is that he will spend as much as needed with each patient so he is always behind, but worth the wait. The only reason I would think of leaving is because he is getting older (70? maybe) and I worry that something will happen to him and I'll be left scrambling to find another.

He does listen and does a thorough exam. If you need to be off from work, he doesn't argue with you about it which is also nice. I think I'll just stick with him for now. I was referred to another Rheum for a second opinion and she was rude and dismissive so now I'm pretty gun shy about who I see and feel really lucky to be seeing Weisner.

Thanks so much again for your input.