Ok family, I have been in a flare for a solid week. This the longest and most painful flare for me. I have SLE, unspecified myalgia and myositis, skin rash, and unspecified disorders of bursar and tendons in the shoulder region. I am taking plaquenil, Celebrex, and prednisone. When does this pain get better? I was just diagnosed in Feb. Unlike most, I started treatment my first rhuemy visit. I can not comb my hair and or take care of my daily hygiene without being in excruciating pain the rest of the day. Any suggestions? The swelling has not gone down.

Warm compresses, lots of rests.. I usually have to go on steriods for a short period of time when I get like that.

A cortisone injection in the shoulder will work wonders-call your doc

Hello Dutchess,

I suffer with Bursitis in my toes and ankles and my god is it painful or what...i'm just allowed to pop painkillers.

Like "poobie" said alot of members find a steriod shot eases them.

Hugs Terri xxx

Treatments and drugs

By Mayo Clinic staff

Illustration showing injection into shoulder bursa Shoulder injection

Bursitis treatment usually involves conservative measures, such as rest, ice and taking a pain reliever, as a first step. If conservative measures don't work, treatment may include:

  • Medication. If the inflammation in your bursa is caused by an infection, your doctor will prescribe an antibiotic medication.
  • Therapy. Your doctor may recommend physical therapy or exercises to strengthen the muscles in the affected area to ease pain and prevent recurrence.
  • Injections. Your doctor may inject a corticosteroid drug into the bursa to relieve inflammation. This treatment generally brings rapid pain relief and, in many cases, one injection is all you'll need.
  • Surgery. Sometimes an inflamed bursa must be surgically drained, but only rarely is surgical removal of the affected bursa necessary.