Brrrr! Ready for Spring!

Well were having yet another blizzard. Due to a natural gas pipe break in Winnipeg my whole apartment building was asked to turn the heat down to *55/50* degrees. So its pretty chilly on top of that the wind chills its around -40. And my apartment gets a good amount of the cold wind. my one side of the apartment is all windows! And I'm in a flare which isn't helping at all. So I am spending the day in bed wrapped up in several blankets and many layers of clothes! Ready for winter to be over!

I'm in Wisconsin and am feeling your pain! Stay warm!

Hi Louters

When are they going to fix your heat?

I'm sending heat your way? Can you feel it?

Sorry its so cold for you. It's 20 here in Southern NH, going down down down tonight. At least its not snowing. I hate the snow. I can't wait til March 14.


Indiana is getting it too but not as bad as you do in MN. And to be as ill as you are plus the temp in your building it must really be horrid for you. I am so sorry, Louters, that you are having to endure the cold too. Hugs!!

My only suggestion is to put rice in a long sock, tie the end closed, pop it in the microwave for a few minutes, and cuddle with it. It gives a nice moist heat which is great for stiff muscles and all the aches and pains we deal with. I make flannel bags to put rice in for my “heating pads”. If you can make two or three of them to put in your bed before you get in. Mine keep me warm all night and I don’t wake up in as much pain. I can’t imagine living where you do right now. I struggle with our low temps of 28° I can’t imagine what it’s like to be in the negatives. Gentle warm hugs, Annemarie

I feel your pain, I live in Minnesota! 55 degrees in the winter seems a little crazy! Do you have a space heater? Sometimes I take a really warm long shower, and it heats me up for a little while. I have always been naturally cold but since Lupus its gotten worse.

It's cold here too in southern NH. My house is very warm, it's 35 years old but I guess they use plenty of insulation when they built it. I agree with you everhope I was always cold but with the lupus I am even colder. I just keep thinking about how nice it will be in Vegas in March.

Take care everyone.


Thanks all!!! I have it finally up to 65* and get to turn back to normal heat tomorrow. I can not wait!! And thanks for the tips on keeping warm, i may have to do that! :D

Hello, stay warm as much as possible-smile Reading this make chills go up my spine, Beverly L.

This is the first time Ive ever had to dodge the cold here in KC. Its warm one day and then takes a nose dive the next. The pain of my flares are worse and much more intense. Im learning that its much better for me to stay in and stay bundled just like you. I use public transportation to get around but not much this winter. Stay Warm.

I live in Wisconsin, and this winter has been horrible! So I called my pain management doctor today to complain that my medication regimen isn't working, and he tells me my increase in pain is because of the cold weather and I have to wait it out. Really guy? I complained about the symptoms I'm having weeks ago when I saw you! Spent most of the day arguing with nurses and my doctor. I'm exhausted because I haven't slept in two nights, and I probably won't sleep much tonight either. Just so tired... stay warm everyone!

I completely understand your frustration! I havent been sleeping very much either. Hope you get to feeling better soon. I am thankful to have a great PCP that listens!