Bring on cheer

new year coming. what happy, or touching stories can you share from this one?

what will happen this year wonderful for you or someone you know?

positive loving thoughts to all,


2014 will be a WONDERFUL Year. I'm working again, and yes I'm exhausted, and I'm up to the challenge. I'm also taking one online class, and I'm excited about it. I'm continuing to learn to take care of myself, and I have to go back to step 1 when I relapse and neglect my nutrition: Vit D supplementation, Hydration and Vegetables...and exercise somewhere in the mix.

FOR 2014 to all here on Living with LUPUS to have a very Blessed year (even if it is with pain--smile) , that there are family and friends close by our side when we need them the most , that all is well and safe to the their ability , and not forgetting the grace and mercy through prayer for those that are not able to be here with us due to wheather problems , or in the hospital , God Bless all my friends near and far and also those to come ....Beverly L.

My story was Christmas eve, most of family together, and toddler grand babies all wide eyed and laughing with glee. Watching them brought much needed joy. Hoepfully can happen more often. Have to love wonderful memories, it's what carries us through when things are challenging. Daughter lives 5 minutes away, but works 12 hour shifts in the hospital. Have asked she bring the boys around more - does my heart so much good, and want them to kow how much we love them and their Mommie.

I received an email from my younger sister that she is flying from her Florida home in Feb. to spend 10 days with us! Yeah!! This gave me a huge lift!