Botox for migraines

I saw the headache specialist that neuro sent me to this week. She said I’m having chronic migraines. Even the little daily ones are migraines.since I’ve tried a few meds already she suggested the Botox injections to break the migraine cycle. I’m also on zones aimed and she increased my beta blocker for them. Has anyone tried this or do you suffer with migraines also?

I have migraines also but mine are mostly light flashes and eye related. Sometimes stabbing pain behind my eyes, block out in parts of vision or shaded figures. Drs. say they are ocular migraines, I have only had 2 full blown disabling migraines in my life. I take Pamelor (Nortriptyline) every night before bedtime to help control it. It works well, if I miss a few days I do get a headache and other symptoms.

I tried pamelor and it worked but I started to have palpitations due to some other meds I’m on.

Well if that is how it affects you, maybe botox is an option. I would find out what I could about using botox for migraines before jumping straight in. Also, the seizure drug Topamax is supposed to be good for migraines if you could tolerate it.

I am currently take Botox for severe chronic migraine. It takes about 2 weeks to kick in. I still have been getting migraines, but I've only gotten one treatment so far. That was my last resort after all the meds didn't work. I personally didn't have any negative side effects from the injections, although it isn't exactly pleasant to deal with. Hopefully you can try it and it works; everyone is different. Good luck!

I tried everything under the sun for chronic long term migranes (mine would last 15 days @ a time)

Im now doing botox injections every month and im soooo much better its amazing.

Yes,i agree with the other comment it does take awhile to kick in,for me 8 days or so.

A friend of mine (who does not have lupus) had migraines for years. She was on medication but it never made them go away completely. Back in July 2013 she began taking Plexus Slim (this was originally made for diabetics) and it worked! She has completely stopped taking her prescribed meds & her migraines are gone. One day I woke up with a huge headache & drank Plexus Slim, it was gone with in 30 min.

You might want to look it up & check with your doctor if you could take it and at least try it out. Plexus is a little pricey, but if it can do all it says (and so far for my friend it has) & it does not interfere with any of the other medications you are on, it is definitely worth it. Also, it is made from all natural ingredients, its not an actual medication or anything. Again, check it out & ASK YOUR DOCTOR if this could be something for you. I hope this helps.