Botox for migraine headaches?

My neurologist is now suggesting that I try Botox to break the migraine cycle (headache every day). We seem to have tried everything else! Any success stories to share?

I had a daily headache for 8 months- I called it the year of the head It was a lupus flare and I was treated with high doses of steroids and a calcium channel blocker- fixed me and I stay on the calcium channel blockers for life to prevent a recurrence I also found Motrin to work better than other pain meds and Midrin but important to take at the beginning of the HA They are having a lot of success with the botox injections so certainly worth a try

Yes! My wife found much relief from Botox injections. She was having 4-5 migraines a week and went down to one every month or two.

Botox is a godsend to me. I suffered from cluster migraines. Now I have maybe two migraines a year, and those are easily treated with Migrainol.

I have heard over and over success stories about the Botox and was even approved by my insurance to have them done for my migraine treatments. I am scheduled soon, but if insurance is willing to pick it up there must be some validity to the treatment.

I wish you luck and please let us know the outcome.

BTW it was my Pain mgt doc that suggested so I assume it's known throughout many different disciplines.