Bone scan results :/

I had a bone scan ordered by my primary yesterday and her nurses called with results this morning… I have osteopina and have will be taking vitamin d3 and some calcium supplement now daily. Back in January when I went to Hopkins they retested every, my Vitimin d was very deficient so I’ve been on 50,000 units a week of vitd since then. I guess it’s wasn’t enough even though my levels are normal now. My mom has osteoporosis but she didn’t get sick until her late 40s early 50s. Im only 34 ! I did read that long time use of gabapentin(neurontin)can cause osteopina too , I’ve been on between 400 to1200 mlg a day for 2 1/2 years. I see my rheumatologist on Monday so I’ll definitely ask her opinion about if I should stop that particular drug. I do have pheriferal neuropathy localized in parts of my left hand up to elbow. Neuropathy is a very different kind of pain and when I was still working as a very busy hair stylist it had to be controlled in order for me to work. Now im retired on disability so if it means dealing with the burning discomfort of neuropathy to maybe maintain all my bones then I’ll have to do it. We’ll see…At least I can take supplements instead of another harsh medication to treat this condition. Anyone one else that has osteopina young??

Osteopenia can also occur with inactivity- which you certainly have a problem with In addition to calcium and vit d to rebuild bone density requires weight bearing activities. People with paraplegia/ quadriplegia are also plaqued with ostepenia/osteoporosis even at very young ages I know as a long time smoker, another risk factor, I was diagnosed with osteopenia at around 40. In addition to vit d, calcium I also receive Prolia injections every 6 months.

Osteopenia here at 33 after being inactive due to injuries and lupus symptoms. Do not stress about it just take the prescribed supplements/meds and try to be more active as stated in the above post.

I developed it in my 30’s despite being very active. I developed it from spending my hs years on prednisone. I have never been vitamin D deficient or calcium deficient. My doc told me to jump around the house on a hard floor so that’s what I do even when it hurts. Right now my ankle is swollen and painful so I have substituted sliding down the stairs on my tush. It’s quite jarring to the spine…lol I have managed to keep it from progressing so the jumping must be doing something. Good luck to you.

I did read that prednisone/steroids cause bone los along with lots of other problems but I never really took all of steroids. The drs realized with in my first few months of treatmaents that i needed to jump to immunosuppressives and biologics , steroids no matter how high the dose never helped me enough. Im very small framed/petite too so im sure that doesn't help. So far a lot of my health issues have been attributed to genetics. . Since my mother's OA is very bad, she has the hump in her upper spine for several years now. She was a heavy drinker, pot smoker, bad eater for most of my life so im sure all of that didn't help her autoimmune and bone disease issues. I've lived completely opposite of my my but still ended up with a much worse/complicated disease path!?!? Hopefully I'll get the osteopina stabilized without meds. I did get the most delicious calcium gummies yesterday lol

I was told the same thing about 6 months ago. I was very surprised, there are no issues in my family. I feel frustrated, but there isn't anything else I can do different. I think I came to the conclusion lately that I am going to do as much as I can of what I enjoy. I need to still take care of myself, but try not to let this lupus consume my life! I wish you the best!

I too take gabapentin and didn’t know about this issue. Thanks for highlighting it, although I am so sorry for the circumstances. Good luck and hang in there.

I have osteopenia as well -- right on the border of osteoperosis. I am older than you, but still too young for this. Doctor said it is from prednisone. I initially went off the prednisone after getting the bone scan result, but have since gone back on it -- if I don't go off it again, doctor is recommending a drug like boniva to counteract the effect. I also have stepped up the calcium supplements and have been walking every day since that helps with bone density as well.