Blood tests - Lupus diagnosis

Hi All,

Are there any specific blood tests that have been done which are used to diagnose Lupus?

The reason Im asking is that my GP runs the ANA test for me, and something about having increased Protein in my urine test.

Someone I know (a Loopy in denial) has tested positive once for Syphilis. She was told by her

Physician that its a false positive and often Lupus sufferers may have a false positive for this test. She doesnt have Syphilis. Is this correct? Can one test a false positive for this?

(Syphilis : a serious sexually transmitted disease caused by the spirally twisted bacterium Treponema pallidum that affects many body organs and parts, including the genitals, brain, skin, and nervous tissue)

Im thinking of being re checked by my Physician at month end and was wondering what other blood tests I could have done to help me get a proper diagnosis from Sjrogens to Lupus. I dont know how the doc diagnosed me with Sjogrens as all he did was blood work. Whats different in the test results between the two. I know I have fibromalgia and RA. I have seen a Rheumy and he's confirmed it.

Please tell me more about the tests you have done and how this has helped diagnose Sjogrens and Lupus.


there is no specific blood test to diagnose lupus, its a combination of lab results and symptoms. There are a number of tests that can be run, dsdna, compliments, sed rate to name a few. Yes you can have false positive for syphillis. Lupus is very difficult to diagnose, hang in there and keep working with your rheumy.

I’ve been false positive for syphilis since i was 15 and i was still a virgin lol… its seen in lupus and APS / or like me im always positive for antiphospholipid antibodies (cardiolipin antibodies ). I have to be on 75mls of plavix because this all cases my platelets to stick together (sticky blood ) and i have chronic thrombophlebitis otherwise. It also puts me at high risk for stroke / DVT /PE, miscarriages. There are several blood tests plus symptoms that are used to diagnosis lupus.