Life With Lupus

Blood tests are soooo confusing! Can anyone help?


I just got blood work results from my doctor. I had to have them fax to me because the rheumatologist nurse called and said everything was fine and I was confused about what that meant. Does blood work usually come with an explanation about the result?

I just got the results of the ANA AB Screener and it says
[A] positive negative
ANA IFA is a first line screen for detecting presence of up to 150 autonatibodies in…

I’m confused. Does this mean my ANA screener is positive? Or is just an explanation for tests further down?

Also further down in the same results:
Antinuclear AB Pattern
[A] Homogeneous
Then an explanation about lupus.

My attending thought I had symptoms of lupus and referred me to a rheumy who diagnosed me with a Vitamin D deficiency and sent me on my way.

I requested the chart notes 4 months later and found that he put in the chart notes that I have possible Sjögrens. My mother had Sjögrens and I’m scared as it is. Then I see this blood work and now I’m really scared.

I know I should really be talking to my rheumy but he’s lacking in the communication dept. and I don’t see him again until the end of August. Can anyone shed some light on the situation before I stress myself to the point of no return. Thank you in advance.


Camacho, I don’t know whether this will be of any help, but I found this page:
Searching for “understanding blood test results for lupus” got me a page of hits, but you might be able to get slightly different things if you vary those words a bit.

Seenie from Moderator Support


Lab results are confusing. You may try calling the Dr office and ask for the results to be explained to you or see if they have an earlier appointment.


Thank you very much!! It’s so hard to keep calm when you see the word
"positive" on a blood test. The website ModSupport sent was very helpful.
I looked everything up and I still don’t have any answers. From everything
I’ve read, it looks like I need to be patient. Thank you for the support.


The website was very helpful…I found details about what the results
mean. I just meant that the results are still inconclusive. I really do
appreciate the information.


i advise talking to your dr about your results and getting your dr to explain your results is better than consulting webmd



Can anyone offer some advice to Camacho about Blood tests?