Bleeding and Periodontal infections

Lately I have had several periodontal infections and increased bleeding in my gums. My rhemy is not sure whether this is related to my lupus or not. Does anyone out there have these issues?


Thank you for your support.

Ann A. said:

Dear Daisy,

I do not have the issues that you describe - no infections and so bleeding, I do have peridontal disease. I am one of tjose people who has always brushed too hard and flossed too little. I just wanted you to know that I have read your post and I am sure that someone in the group shares your concerns. Don't give up.

I also have had problems with my gums. To the point where I must have a cleaning 3 or 4 times per year. Of course, only two cleanings are covered.

Last year I had to have the roots of 4 teeth cleaned. Left me with bleeding and and a nasty headache. Don't let that scare you, I have very sensitive hearing.

My Dentist drilled (pardon the pun) me on what medicines I was on. This could be part of the cause.

I was also reminded of the fact I have dry mouth. My mouth was drying up do to lack of saliva. Yes, it's gross, but necessary.

I was told to brush and swish my mouth with biotene. Yeah it worked, we'll see how well. I have noticed there are times that the pillow is damp. But my mouth is wet.

Boitene is not cheap, But I get samples from the dentist and it is cheaper than the extra cleaning and the pain of the root cleaning

Also try the gum. Chew for about 1/2 hour before bed time. I also use gum at work.

Hope this helps

Hi Daisy: yes I have that problem, in my case is due to "Sjongren Syndrome' It is a secondary illness to Lupus...(kind of a bonus thing). Which causes to dry all your glands, among them the salivary ones. Causing more infections, do you feel like a dry mouth ?

Hi Daisy. Hope you are doing a bit better. Same thing that I replied to about the swollen tongue. People with SLE do not produce as much saliva as we used to. I was told to always suck on sugar-free mints to produce extra saliva which is essentian to washing away bacteria after eating and/or drinking. Using a moisturizing mouthwash will definitely help, but you may want to ask your Rhuemy for an antibiotic rinse, such as Nystatin which I use anytime I feel the infections coming on. There is absolutely conclusive proof the improper dental hygeine can cause serious infections in the mouth, brain and heart. Do not put off taking care of it if you can. It may be enough to just change your routine a bit. I go through toothbrushes and tongue scrapers by the bucketful. Avoiding the infection is SOOO worth it, though.

Do hope this helps. I, of course am not a doctor, but I believe that it could or probably is related to your Lupus and many of us suffer the same types if issues.

Take care of yourself,