Life With Lupus

Being driven bananas


I am going bonkers with the pain now its summer here in ireland.I can't stick it at all the humidty is driving me insane with the pain fatigue and lung issues.I dont know what to do to make me feel better.The plaquenil is NOT helping i am out of pain meds and i cant take vimovo again because all anti-inflammatories make me vomit.I am very worried about money and some family drama as well has me so stressed.I have been getting daily seizures i think related to my sle.Finding it hard to cope right now with everything going on.


QP, how are you feeling? Have you made any headway with your money or family issues? It's so difficult to deal with all this kind of "stuff" when you're feeling rotten. Is there anything you can get a friend to help out with? I wish there was more we could do. JulesG


I am feeling dreaadful.Lupus is flaring like mad and so very tired.No headway on the money issues family issues are better though im arguing more and more with my dad ill have to sit him down and have a good chat to him and get him to know what lupus is etc.I have no-one to help me out its just me here on my own :( Talking to someone who understands helps me usually.


A sit down and heart-to-heart with your dad sounds like a good idea. I'm sure that once you strip away all the "stuff" he'll be feeling guilty, frustrated and a thousand other things because he can't take all this away from you. Maybe once you've been able to explain the key issues (at the moment, I know "they" change daily!) he will then understand how he can help. Men are difficult, they need to *fix* stuff and sometimes we need to be very specific about what they need to do to help us. I try to save the practical things for the men in my life and leave the touchy-feely emotional support stuff to the 'gals ;-). Remember Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus! JulesG


I’m just so confused about this and I never get any responses


whats wrong sweetie pie?