Bad leg pain

I have Neuropathy in my legs and arms. Lately my legs have been hurting so badly, I’ve been needing to take my breakthrough med. I am also on 30mg of morphine every 12 hours and 2400mg on neurontin, yet my legs are really hurting. I did just get out of hospital and had a flare while there, but I am now weaned off the pred. Can anyone give me some ways they deal with this type of pain, when nothing else seems to work?


I have a few different types of pain in my legs so depending on what the cause is I treat it accordingly… I’m on a 50 MCG fentanyl patch for my over all bone joint injury pain with tramado and 15 ml morphine for breakthrough pagin… I often suffer from clusters of superficial thrombophybitis in my lower left leg, I’ll use my heating pad and elevation for that…I’ve been using a topical oil call"soothanal 2x" for a couple of years…its helps temporarily with pain and inflammation of joints and muscles… I definitely use a lot of ice on my areas of cartilage degeneration and joint tears… Pain is such a broad word I know for me bone pain is the WORST but not sure if you that’s you’re pain???feel better soon xo


I was on neurontin also for neuropathy and saw my internist because I was on 3600mg and it wasn't doing a whole lot of good and the pains were getting more intense. He took me off of that and put me on Lyrica twice a day and Cymbalta 30mg once a day. He said that combination helps more with the pain and he was right. After two weeks the pains are gone. That doesn't mean the burning,etc is gone but those sharp pains that make you want to scream are gone. Good luck!

Thanks to everyone who replied. Dawncelest I used a heating pad and elevated my legs and that did the trick. Reet I take Cymbalta too but not Lyrica. I have this horrible pain every so often and it does feel like it is all the way from my bone.

i too surfer from leg pains mostly at night,i take cymbalta annnd doctor just prescribed me gabapatain ,i havent started gabapatain yet but elevation does help,take care of yourself.God bless.

Dear Cameron

While I haven't experienced this myself I use multiple therapies for my back and hip pain. I use topical lotions like icy hot or heating pads if I am in spasm. Chiropractic care, acupuncture, and therapeutic massage also help. I try to reserve the opiates until it is a 10 or 11 on the pain scale. God Bless I will be saying a prayer for you . Julie

Do they know what is causing the neuropathy? If they can get good control of the thing that’s causing the neuropathy, then it can help prevent further damage to your nerves and may even make the pain better. It’s a matter of finding the right drug combos:one set for the cause and another for the damaged nerves.
The steroids help, but you don’t want to be on those long term. Maybe your doc would let you try a low dose for now?
Some people hey good results from PT and the TENS units. They’re are typical creams too, like Volstren gel or an over the counter one with capsaicinin it. There are lots of other options for poison management, but what will really help is getting the trigger well controlled. Until then, got can try a number of at home remedies until you find something that works just right for you. People do get good control so try to stay hopeful.

When my regular Meds don’t stop the leg pain I put gel ice packs (like you use in a cooler) on the area that is hurting and this seems to help.

My daughter had leg pain associated with Vascullitis. She has Connective Tissue Disease (Lupus) and Vascullitis. Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN checked her IL6 level and put her on Actemra in February 2010. God Bless you. I hope that you feel better soon. Carolyn

I have been dealing with major leg pain, burning, cramping, weakness for 2 years since I had a hip fracture. They don’t know what’s wrong? I’m scheduled to go to Duke University for a muscle biopsy. I just keep doing physical therapy taking pain medications as needed until someone can figure out what the answer is. How did you find out neuropathy?

Oh I just saw your post about the heating pad, so I'm editing my reply. If a heating pad helps, that can be a sign of a blood clot. First you need to check with the emergency department to see if you are dealing with a blood clot in your leg. It's serious. Then if they clear you for that, here's what helped me.

I have neuropathy too and I had that horrid uncontrollable pain and I found a remedy. 10,000 IU of vit D3 a day heals the nervous system and helps in case it happens to be bone pain, and sublingual (under the tongue) vitamin B complex heals nerve endings. If you use the stuff that goes under the tongue, it is as strong as vit B12 injections because it bypasses the stomach acid and sinks directly into the blood vessels under the tongue. You can get tablets or liquid. Here's whee I get mine, they are the best priced supplements place I've ever found and they ship world wide.

Dissolving tablets:


Cam, I take 60mg of MSContin (Morphine) every 12 hours for chronic pain and used to take neurontin especially for the neuropathy I have in both feet and instead, now take Lyrica for that nerve ending pain. My doctor told me the Lyrica is slightly better drug than the neurontin. I have only recently been getting a lot of the restless legs syndrome or symptoms and am still trying to figure out exacting what is causing them. Currently wearing support hose throughout the week for better circulation as well as elevating my legs whenever I can is a tremendous help to me. One other medication I take for chronic pain is Cymbalta. r/ Steve

Hi Cameron( that's my oldest grandson name) -smile , But when those pain's kick in for me , my heating pad has been the most comforting thing to help me , along with just have PEACE and focus on something else *(which is hard ) BUT take yourself out the moment . Pain is a reactor , i mean giving it the room of thought to wear you down is what it looks for to make you hurt worse !!! Focus on something else !!! that help's me alot in soon 4year's ..Beverly L.

Thanks so much. Yes the heating pad worked so well for me. I usually watch tv and that helps along with the heating pad.

Beverly L. said:

Hi Cameron( that’s my oldest grandson name) -smile , But when those pain’s kick in for me , my heating pad has been the most comforting thing to help me , along with just have PEACE and focus on something else *(which is hard ) BUT take yourself out the moment . Pain is a reactor , i mean giving it the room of thought to wear you down is what it looks for to make you hurt worse !!! Focus on something else !!! that help’s me alot in soon 4year’s ..Beverly L.

I have issue with leg pain. It’s extremely painful when I do get it and it’s constant. I ended up on ER one time but after sost 5 hrs without even looking at my leg running any tests they just decide it’s sciatica. They gave me 2 shots and since they were helping with pain and I just wanted to get out of their I chose not to disagree with them even though I knew it def was not sciatica! Usually ibuprofen will help when I do get it but not completely, just lessens the pain a bit