Back home!

Hi friends!came home from the hospital yesterday afternoon yaaay! Both my kidney and chest CT with contrast and looked good :) guess they were looking for blood clots with me being at high risk for them, think my breathing freaked them out too lol.. had several issues with drawing blood while there...the nurses were having a lot of trouble getting a return from my port even after a flush. They had to use a very wimpy vein in the top of my hands, it burned:( She needed 3 small tubes but after almost 10 long minutes she only had just over 2, my blood was soooo thick , it literally looked sticky .. fortunately that night I slept really well after a full day of scans, needles and visitors.. The next morning I woke up with serious chest pain. Pulmonary came in shortly after and could hear my lungs were really "tight"and I weezing. I had a breathing treatment and voilà!! Much better:) a few hours later my dr came in to discharge me ..she was super sweet and upped my fentanyl dosage to 50 mcgs instead of 25.. she wrote a scrip for 10 of them plus more 15 mg morphine for every 3 to 6 hours. I feel asleep as soon as I got home around 2pm and didn't wake up till 11am this morning. Iwas throwing up think bile and very nauseous for most of the day, it was awful:/ I had to get up and get showered and dressed to have my first appointment with my new pain management/anesthesiologist. Hes awesome! I'll still be getting my pain medication from my rhuemy but will try some type of "acid" injections for my knee to create more synovial fluid. He's also putting together a specialized physical therapy for me... I'm feeling very positive about him and exciting to try something new! So he did a physical examination and im still weezing:/ he could feel how crunchy my shoulders and hips are just by barely applying a couple of fingers and having me move a little. He wants me to have an MRI on my shoulder next week, he thinks my rotator cuff is to sure it is. Im just gonna rest, really that's all I can do.... next week is very busy with more doctor's appointments, labs and my first injection, I try to have some fun too:)

So happy you have some good news! I have a question about the crunchy joints. When you say they are crunchy do you mean like creak, cracks, and pops? Or more like a grinding that’s unheard but felt. Also how did your pulmonary issues start? When I wake up and throughout the day I get coughing fits where it feels like two old washboards are rubbing together and it sounds like a rattle. Went in for pulmonary function tests and they said I have asthma even though I’ve never had it before nor do I have any seasonal allergies. They keep rxing inhalers but they don’t really help and keep giving me thrush. So I’m curious about it. If you don’t mind sharing anyway. I know how exhausted you must be. Was on fentanyl patches and oxycodone for a while myself…lol gentle hugs, Annemarie

I AM HAPPY YOU ARE BACK AT HOME ,theirs no place like the comfort of your own home.I pray you are having a pain free day.

Welcome home! Gosh it seems like being sick is a full time job, and what if you can't do that full time job? It's frustrating.

Thanks friends:) Annemarie my large joints sound and feel like walking on crunchy gravel or broken news shoulder injury is also cracking with a loud, high pitch sound. Its like a branch snaping in half :confused: 2 years ago my pulmonary started off pretty serious , enough to put me in the ER twice. One day l start having shortness of breath and chest pain by a week later I was in the ER hyperventilated and 85% carbon monoxide. I have never breathed normally or without pain since.

Dawncelest, how scary for you! I started getting chest pain and that weird breathing about a year ago, thought I was having a heart attack as the pain spread through my chest up into my left shoulder and arm. Tests came back negative for heart issues which is when I went through the pulmonary function tests. I get frequent chest pain, light headedness, dizziness etc… Still don’t know what it is. I hope they find something to help you. Gentle hugs, Annemarie :smiley: