Autoimmune paleo diet?

I recently read about the benefits of the autoimmune paleo protocol for people with SLE. Has anyone tried this diet or can recommend a diet that would help?

My husband and I are going to be trying the Paleo diet soon. We have 4 or 5 books on recipes and background. I have heard some pretty incredible things!

I cant speak to Paleo but husband and I are on a Keto diet = very low carb and very low sugar.We have been on this diet since the new year and i have noticed that my 'bad days' are fewer and my energy level is the same or better. It is very hard to not eat carbs though :-)

I was wondering how the paleo diet is working out. I believe very much in the healing or illness properties associated with what we take into our bodies, how we exercise, and our environment (physical, emotional, and spiritual). I thought about going paleo, but got a lot of flack from the family, so I settled on trying to cook more whole foods, less processed foods, and forgo any labels that would suggest a “diet”. I found that in doing this, we’re naturally eating more protein and less sugar.

What is the Paleo diet