I'm not sure if this kind of thing can be discussed on this forum so if not, delete the question.

I am on STD and my last covered day is next week.
Of course I am not going to be able to return to work and will be filing for SSDI.
My local attorney seems very busy and I fear I will just be "put in line" then be waiting...
On our first visit he seemed all gung-ho, yes, we can do this and that - etc.
On the 2nd visit it was more like, these can take up to 3+ years as our judges in Oklahoma are very busy, blah blah blah

I'm reading peoples discussions and wondered if I should stay with the one in our town (Yes, we only have one) or go with one of the larger groups I keep seeing come up like Binder & Binder or Alsup?

I also have read something about wanting to freeze your pay so that when you do get approved (hopefully) then any time that you didn't have monies coming in wont count towards your award.
Does the attorney do that or do we have to do that?
I really don't understand all that


This site may be helpful to you, J:

I filed for SSDI without an attorney and got approved pretty quickly - 3 months. Is that an option? I'm sure that companies like Binder and Binder will get you approved - but will take a good chunk of money in return (they have to pay for all that tv commercial time!)

Good luck!


I applied in November and started collecting in March without a lawyer! I think the word ‘lupus’, as well as the complications that comes with, pushes things along.
A friend used the afore mentioned and it caused a delay due to a paper that was not appropriately filed by a date. A new court date had to be made which extended his wait time. And of course, the 1/3 cut of the settlement had to be paid.

wow - so the attorney didn't get it filed in time, that's scary.
Thanks for the info
Nikki - Love the commercial comment