Arms from eye glasses hurt

I know this will sound weird. Lately, I find that the arms from my eye glasses hurt. This is not consistent, but is becoming more frequent. Could this be related to UCTD?

No. It means that they need to be adjusted. The correct name for “arms” is “temples”. If the pain is on one side, it means one side of your frames is looser than the other. Do not, as so many people do, attempt to adjust them yourself. It may seem to be such a simple thing, it is not. Knowing just what to do, where to bend, what screws to tighten or loosen etc. comes with experience. Go to an Optical shop/optician and have them properly fitted/adjusted. Some Optometrists are very skilled as well. Glasses are always getting out of adjustment and need to be readjusted. This should be a free service, whether you boughht them from that shop or not. Can you tell that I am 2nd generation? My Dad was a licensed optician for over 30 yrs. I was an optical assistant–same thing only not licensed.

It doesn’t sound weird at all!!! Happens to me a lot lately too. Sometimes I think things just hurt. You know these diseases aren’t happy until they have affected as much of you as possible…funny but not. Feel better :wink: