Arm/leg numbness when waking

I woke up this morning and fixed my daughter breakfast and got back in bed. About an hour later, when I woke up, both arms and legs were numb/tingling.
It’s been an hour and no change. I didn’t go to church because I was afraid to drive.
I’ve got my legs propped up.
Does this happen to anyone else?

I've had that happen to my legs. For me it usually just went away on it's own, but I rested until it did. Hope it goes away soon!

yes happens alot to me, thought I was going crazy. told the rheumy he didnt seem to concerned, but I will be telling him again next visit because it is still happening.

This also happens to me, but I have had surgery on my rite leg years ago and always have numbness. As for my hands when I get up in the morning before I take my meds they too are numb and tingling. If I were you I would contac your doctor if it happens again. Hope that helps.

Very frequent. It usually depends on which side i am lying on. I think the extra pressure of lying on the joints that are already inflamed causes my tingling.

Haven't had numbness/tingling in my arms and legs, but I sure do get it in my hands along with swelling. I am usually awakened by this.

I have the same issues in my hands, feet, arms and legs. I also have terrible pains in my knees and elbows when I first wake up. It does worry me because it takes forever for the nunbness and pain to go away.

I have it constantly, as well in my finger tips. It scared me because I was thinking it was signs of a stroke but my rheumy just looked at my hands and that’s it.

Hi, this happens to me alot. I always just stay in bed and rest. The doctor says this happens ,and there is nothing that will help but rest. I don’t understand why the doctors never have good reasons for the things that happen but rest always is the answer for us…Beverly L.

This just started happening to me too (about 2 weeks). Both arms all the way down to my finger tips. I shake them and try to get moving in the morning and it seems to ease a little but not completely. Since this started my hands are weaker than ever. Very frustrating. I do feel that it is related to the inflammation and pressure on the nerve endings but I am very concerned because it is lasting so long. It does not seem to go away with Naproxen, or after I take my Enbrel. Movement seems to be the best for my relief, when I rest my arms, they seem to get worse.

I often wake with my last two fingers (pinkie and ring) on both hands completely numb. In fact, this was my first symptom when this all started around 13 years ago. Prednisone seemed to keep it at bay, but since weaning off, it happens much more often. I also often feel them burning and tingling during the day, along with the outside of my wrists.