Anyone have thyroid issues? Hypo-Hashimoto-Hyper-Storming?

I have had thyroid issues all my life. I just recently got diagnosed with Hashimotos...I got ultrasound showing nodules. I have Radio scan coming up I have had ablation 30 years ago. I want it out now. Does anyone else have this? Is getting it out better?

I feel crazy...I am anxious...nervous...and lethargic...weird right? I have lots of doctor apts coming up....We will see...

Dx’d at 17 years old. Hashimotos can swing from hypo to hyper. Requires close monitoring. Lethargy when you are really hypo. Until you find balance the anxiety and nervous feeling is normal. Just ask questions if you don’t understand. Everyone with Hashimoto’s is slightly different

Hi Stay strong. I have hypothyroidism I have had it for 45 years. I was diagnosed with SLE a year ago. I wonder if there's a connection with the two.

the meds seem to control it/ I will mention it at my annual physical coming up soon. I feel a little guilty because I am not very sick (yet) and a lot of you "girls" are so sick. I have no small children so I can rest when I need to The plaquenil took care of my mouth sores so the sun sensivity and fatigue is the worst symptom I have. Lucky me!! I also have a supportive family especially my huband. He will help with dishes and laundry. I don't understand how families of some of you are having trouble with your disease. Maybe they are just frustrated. Thanks to everyone comments. I feel like i'm not alone

Wow…thanks you guys …this is good stuff…thanks…ill keep you all posted

I've had hypothyroid for many yrs. Recently I had a thyroid scan that showed some suspicious thickening of my thyroid. I

've also had cold nodules in my thyroid. I have an Appt with an Endocrinologist in Oct hope it's nothing. I'm sick of going to Dr

The doctors said if I feel wierd the go to ER…not comforting…I hope you feel better OC Gal…

Wow…thanks…that was so sweet of you…it means a lot…thank you…my apt is next week…I have two tests this week and an oncolgy apt because my blood work is suspicious. …I will ask for biopsy. . I do feel better…thank you…knowing all of you are out here…its awesome…ill keep you updated…

Keeping you in my prayers. Please let us know how your appointments go. We are here for you.

What is Hashimoto's/ I have hypothyroidism but I haqve never heard of Hashimoto's. Have a ood day everyone.