So I logged on to this website where you can view your test results online and recently the lab values have been making me a bit confused. First off, I noticed something was wrong when they reported a wbc of 6.3. Consistently for the past two years I have had a wbc of around a 3-4. Also, they noted that my glucose was 148 which is very abnormal for me.

However, it was the lab results that were just posted today that made me get madder than a wet hen. I received an email notifying me that there was new data available. So I signed on to see that my results for an ANA and lupus coag panel were back. So I clicked on the ANA and they reported it as NEGATIVE.

Yes, NEGATIVE. NEVER EVER has my ANA been negative. I have had over 20 ANA tests done and each one reported either 1:1280 or 1:80 (the last being weakly positive) but still, it was positive. So you can imagine my disbelief and extreme frustration when I saw that they had the audacity to report my ANA as negative. I mean, it is my fault since I did go to a university/ "teaching" hospital so some dumba** probably interpreted my lab results. It just frustrates me because I dont want my new doctor to think that there is nothing wrong with me. I mean, believe me, I'd love nothing more than my ANA to truly be negative, but the reality is that it is not. It never has been.

I may just stick with my old rheumatologist. At least he had legitimate lab results and I wouldnt have to convince him that I was sick.

ANA results can fluctuate so many of us keep a history of lab results- a single lab result does not determine your diagnosis or treatment. My ANA has been negative for 3 years now but I am still under treatment due to my history- its negative cause the treatment is effective. A negative ANA during treatment does happen But a negative ANA also does not mean you are without symptoms- the disease is far more complex than that. Also a WBC of 6.3 is absolutely normal- there is a range of normal values which we all fluctuate. And a single glucose reading that is elevated also doesn't necessarily mean anything - to further define a A1C needs to be done.

Like poobie said, ANAs can fluctuate. Wait and see what this new guy has to say, don't throw him out just yet. He might not even look at your ANA, especially if he has copies of all your old labs. The glucose could be because of the time they took the labs. Your body releases its own glucose, especially when you haven't eaten for a while, so it could have been that your body was compensating for a low level. I have had this happen during fasting labs... and I'm a hypoglycemic so my fasting blood sugars are always under 70. One day, it was well over 100 and I got sick from the "sugar spike" as they were drawing the sample. WBC, totally normal. Should be anywhere between 3.5-10.5.