I go back to see my rheumyin 2 weeks. I know he will answer this question but dont want to wait that long. I got recent bloodwork from clinic (they gave to me to take to Dr) my ANA was 1:320??? First time ANA was 1:40 and Dr wasn’t concerned with that number. I dont understand how this number is measured and whats high and whats not or what these numbers even mean.

The 1:320 is the titer of the anti-nuclear antibody (ANA) that was detected in your blood - or basically how high the antibody level is. All labs have their own normal values, but 1:40 is usually down there in the normal range - or on the border - but 1:320 is a strong positive. This is a strong indicator of some kind of autoimmune disease, and Lupus patients usually have a high ANA. That same sample should have additional testing done - there is a standard reflex of tests done on specimens with a positive ANA, and that can help pinpoint the diagnosis. Its worth giving your rheum or the lab a call and see if the reflex tests have been done, and if not, the doctor should want to order them.

Some of these tests are:

anti-DS DNA


Chromatin Autoantibody

SSA (RO) autoantibody

SSB (LA) autontibody

JO-1 autoantibody


Centromere B

Different labs may have different reflex testing protocols, and different doctors may want different tests. You can speed up things if you have the reflex testing completed before your doctor visit.

I had a positive ana but wasn’t diagnosed until I showed positive anti DN DNA as long as this one is posditive it is a good diagnoses for lupus I hope everything turns out OK and you haven’t got this as it’s not very nice xxxx

IF it is 1:80 that is still considered borderline, but above it is considered a positive test.

Approximately 1% of lupus sufferers are ANA negative at every test. I have never had a positive ANA and that’s part of why I had to nearly die for a diagnosis. Please track ALL symptoms including fatigue, any neurological issues, muscle or joint pain etc…

Its all about titering the blood. Google it. The more they need to titer it down, it goes higher. My docter had sent it the the regular lab at first. Later they sent it to Johns Hopkins and they take their time and titer it until they can't titer it anymore. It gives them a better reading. That's what mine was when they dx me with lupus. I also had a terrible rash all over my body which they did a biopsy on. It came back positive for lupus also. Good Luck.