Am I not worth the sacrifice?

The answer is YES.

As I sacrifice for others constantly- I need to stop and consider my human self.

Am i not worth the sacrifice emotionally, pysically, and financially to be the Best Person I can be?

I am on this earth with a purpose. I won't be distracted.

*thinking outloud*


Yes you are.

No Question.

You really are.

Best Wishes Kaz xo

Yes, you are.

Hello, yes you are totally right!! We are alway help others more than ourself, and they do forget that we need help also. They sometimes realize that we are not able to do the things that we use to do- and it is not fair to us . But we try to stay sane about our "Living with Lupus " and the pain that we have that they can’t relate to, only because they really don’t understand how everything we do cause pain to our body, mind, and spirit. Telling them that it is not a good day dose not work at times ,so we are forced to react in very defendive way , which I hate doing-it really is not my personality to act out of character toward people. But explaining how am in pain takes a lot of pain for me to tell at those moments also, but we carry on anyway just to keep da peace-smile. Maybe one day someone will clearly understand all that we go through just to make it through just the day!!! I hope that day come very soon, cause am tired of Lupus and having the pains. Talk with you later , just hold on and relax…Beverly L.

yes!we are worth it..... we always give... and its time to donate some of that energy where the greatest return is...... IN YOU!!!!!!!

@beverly , I know you right. thats when i have to get in my own space....

Yes having our on space is a great way for us to relax …Beverly L.