Is it ok to take zyrtec or allergy meds with plaquenil? Got a scratchy throat and coughing coming on.

Any time I feel like a cold may be coming I immediately go into defense mode. Our systems as re compromised if on immunosuppressive therapy. Multi-vitamin, Vit c and b12, and if you have no allergies, Zyrtec (my fave)
and Mucinex to avoid build up of fluid in my lungs and sinuses.
These were okayed by my doc, but ask your doctor or pharmacist.
Do feel better soon.

I actually take Xyzal for my allergies and I have had no reactions with Plaquenil. It's always best to check with your doctor to be sure.

I take allegra with plaquenil

I take sudafed for my sinuses and it seems to be ok with my rhuemo… Also I drink that emergen-C drink stuff or Airborne drink powder mix for extra vitamins … Hope u get some relief :confused:

Zyrtec, Allegra, Sudafed etc… Are all fine to take with plaquenil. The only thing you don’t want to take is any of the “immune boosters” like airborne or echinacea. My doc told me that our immune systems are already over-active and the last thing you want to do is boost it so it can attack more joints/organs.

When my throat gets scratchy I suck on Halls Vitamin C drops and drink Throat Coat herbal tea. That combo seems to work for me.

Thank you all. Went to ER today after feeling horrible…chest xray showed brohncitis. :confused:

I do all the time.

Im on plaquenil and zyrtec is one of my regular meds