Adderall and Lupus

Has anyone ever tried taking adderall for lupus fatigue and brain fog?

I haven’t but I’ve often thought about it. I have trouble focusing for many reasons one being the fatigue but also my mind often races so I would love to know.

I have taken adderall for 6 months now. They diagnosed me with adult ADHD before they found. the lupus. It does help with my focus but wears off in afternoon .

Yes, Adderall has helped me significantly. I take 5mg every morning when I wake up. It is important to take it EVERY day according to my primary care doctor and rheumatologist. You get added focus and energy...yes it does wear off in the afternoon but it should---otherwise you might have sleeping problems. All the best to you Hannah Mory! LupanCatwoman

I have taken vyvanse. It did help but I have mixed feelings about it so I’m currently not taking it. Over the long term amphetamines can increase our impulse problems and I already have problems with that, being bipolar 2 and having a history of substance abuse. So nowadays I’m using “eshots” (which contain caffeine plus antioxidants, and no artificial stuff). The vyvanse is a slow release so it does last a while. Tempted to go back to it…

what else have you guys tried for fatigue? My rhmy put me on the plaquenil thinking it would help my energy --it has a some, not completly but some.

Hi anna i've been on adderall xr 15 mg 2 x a day for cfs & brain fog & adhd & dyslexsia. W/ the lupus flare it enhanced a learning disability. The 2nd dose was recommended by my rheumy to my psych dr so i could complete an 8 hr shift. For me it helps me to focus, and it helps lift the fog til a flare. Then the cloud comes back but not as bad. In my last post i was running on half a brain. Now im 3/4. I like the adderall because it helps me focus an not bounce all over the place. When i was bouncing i would end up with a swollen feet and in another flare.

I have taken 30mg xr Adderall for a while now I really feel like it is one of the only things that keeps me functioning some days. It helps with the fog and fatigue. The only thing that I feel is a set back with it is the crash at the end of the day. It helps me keep going at work and in turn I push myself to hard and do to much and by the end of the day I am beyond exhausted and sore. It can be a vicious cycle that lands me in bed for a full day by the end of the week. If you have better self control than me (which most people including my 5 year old son do) it may help. It is certainly worth the discussion with your doc. :-)

i would love to get some adderall myself it makes lupus alot easier to deal with, but so does prednisone, but both hAve some unpleasant side effects........purrs..catspaw1955

I self medicate, with a Latte in the morning. The anti malarial meds have helped with it also.

I have a prior diagnosis of ADD and hadn’t been on meds in years. My official dianosis is a lupus like seronegative polyarthitis even though I meet enough criteria for an SLE diagnosis and am positive for two types of antiphospholipid anyibodies. I went on Adderall about 6 months before I had my first big flare where I realized something was really wrong. It helps as long as I’m not in a big flare-up where my whole body is drained and weak, but at that point it’s probably best just to rest.

My psych doc added an ADD drug yesterday for my focus and energy problem. I take Pristiq for depression/anxiety and have for 2 years. The Acthar Gel injections were giving me a little lift the first two days but that seems to have worn off, however, it does control the pain well. I am hoping the new drug helps as I am at wits end.

I agree. When I have a flare or am fighting a virus or bacterial infection I give up the Adderall to make sure I am resting enough....

what are the negative side effects of adderall?

I was given Adderall for my fatigue and brain fog when I was in high school. It helped me to focus and stay alert while at school.

I have been on Adderall for about two months now. I've always thought I had adult ADHD, but never pursued getting a diagnosis.

The Adderall does make my concentration better, helps with the fatigue, helps me think clearer, too. Without it, my fatigue is almost debilitating. I needed serious help because I also work full time and was not functioning very well at work and began having to take a lot of sick time.

Hope you all feel better.

I've taken adderall xr for many years. It's the only thing that has made it possible to get through school but there are some days when the fog is too much even for adderall. I've also read that adderall can make Raynauld's worse and yes it does impact sleep! I've also been on sleeping pills for years but not because of adderall alone. I think it really helps to focus.

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