Add your voice and tell the world your unique lupus story

Lupus is unpredictable, misunderstood, and can cause damage to any organ system in the body - in short, a cruel mystery. More than that, each lupus case is unique, with its health effects ranging from a to a heart attack.

Add your voice and tell the world your unique lupus story. Join the more than 2,400 people who have shared their stories on Lupus Voices Across America™, an interactive online community designed for supporters and people with lupus to educate others about this life-changing disease.

Help others understand what lupus is and why it's a cruel mystery to you.

PS. Because of people like you who made their voices heard on Capitol Hill, The Lupus Initiative recently announced a new medical education curriculum and other materials to help current and future medical professionals make early diagnosis of lupus, and to better provide treatment and disease . Thank you for continuing to use your voice to end lupus now.

Lupus Awareness Champion

This week, we are featuring Marya Moreira Vargas from Georgia, who has been living with lupus since 2010. Inspired by her experience at the Atlanta Walk to End Lupus Now™, she held an event to educate the Hispanic community at her church. Read more about it now!

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Done. I hope others add their voice. I also included a link to this site.