Acyclovir for mouth and nose sores

This medication was brought to my attention as very helpful for treating the mouth and nose sores associated with Lupus. Has anyone taken this medication and if so did it work and were there any side effects. Thanks for your input. I have had sore in my mouth and throat for months and the Plaquenil doesn't seem to be helping the sores at this point.


Acyclovir is also known as Valtrex and is used for Herpes outbreaks and, in some cases, to keep the incidence of rashes to a minimum. In other words, it is an anti-viral and if your sores are from a virus, it might beneficial. The only problem I've ever had from this medication is getting the runs but sometimes I do and sometimes I don't.

Years ago, before I knew I had lupus, I kept getting a rash on the corner of my nose. It was very raw and covered in puss and would spread into my nose which always worried me as the nose leads to the brain, I've heard. I got this particular rash over and over and over again and no one could figure out what it was or what caused it. The only thing that would make it go away was a combination of anti-yeast medicine (Diflucan), Acyclovir and an antibiotic. When the rheumatologist said I might have lupus (I was sent there due to my severe arthritis), I went home and looked it up and discovered that I had many of the symptoms but had not reported them as they were not related to the arthritis issues. The nose sores wound up being one of my official diagnostic symptoms. The rash has not struck since I went on Plaquenil BUT I am much better at knowing when it's coming and antibiotic ointment regularly seems to help the most.

As for mouth sores, I think many of mine might be related to the dry mouth symptoms but I'm not sure. I've had an ulcerated area on the side of my tongue for months and it is very painful especially when it does get dry when I'm sleeping. As I take the Acyclovir regularly now, I can tell you that it has not helped this issue at all.

My overall conclusion: It would not help to try it. Side effects are minimal but I'm not so sure it will help. Please keep us posted about what does (or does not) work.


I take famciclovir which is think is basically the same type of thing. I was in the hospital last year because the sores in my mouth and throat were so bad, I couldn't eat or drink for a month. They didn't know what it was. Once they figured out it was fungal, I had to start taking famciclovir because it comes back every month or so. Plaquenil def won't help with the sores. once you get the sores, within in a few days of taking Acyclovir it should clear up and start getting back to normal. I would def try it. It should only help and really doesn't have any crazy side effect. Hopefully if this is a reoccuring thing for you like it is with me, the doctor will give you a script with several refills so you won't have to keep going back. Good luck!