Life With Lupus

53 Year-old Harley Lover Just Diagnosed in March


My story started 2 years ago when I noticed a lump behind my ear. I went to see a doctor and she basically told me it was my imagination. This last September I showed it to my regular doctor and he told me bones don’t swell, but he was concerned about 2 small bald spots on my head. They took a picture (it’s the VA I’m a disabled vet) and sent it to a dermatologist who had me use an ointment that didn’t help.

My doctor finally sent me to a dermatologist who looked at the lump and said that’s not normal (finally someone who agreed with me!). She did 2 biopsies one of the lump and a bald spot, both came back as lupus. Blood work all came back good, so I was told it was lupus of the skin.

The bald spots are different because there is a small lump, some slight redness and itchiness but are smooth as a baby’s butt with no scaly rash. The derm dr. started with steroid injections, What was really interesting, both bald spots and the lump behind my ear were all on the right side of my head and I was having frequent and really bad headaches on that side. The steroid injections actually helped with the headaches! The frequency of the headaches has been cut in half.

One question I have is my husband and I like to go for rides on our Harley, I’m also in the process of getting my motorcycle license, I wear a headwrap and spf 50 on any exposed skin is that sufficient? I was also put on plaquenil. Is there anything else I should be doing? Thank you.