Life With Lupus

35 year old - New to This Journey


Hello and good day,

I am a 35 year old ( well close enough hehe) woman, married with 2 children. I live in CT, no family around aside from my wonderful Husband.

For a long time in my life… I have always had pain legs, and arm were the worst around 20… but it would come and go. At one point… around 22, I had an epsiode. where I had muscles spasms throughout my body… They just placed me on naproxen, ( very high dose ) and said. ooo It’s your hypothyroidism.

I have been told, I am obese, lazy, just get out and do stuff… Weak, and a drama queen. I have been told most of my symptoms are in my head, or hypothyroidism. No matter that my medical history on my maternal side shows all of the women having fibromyalgia.

So recently I went to the dr. when I could no longer walk, without limping and whimpering. My every day pain level is at a 6… most days, and can get to a 9/10 on some… and go as low as a 4. She finally realized that it is not just my hypothyroid. and spoke to me about fibro… I was finally excited to get meds to help me sleep… get the pain managed, so I could live my life as an active MOM!

Well it came back my Vitamin D is very very low… So she tried giving me vitamins, and that didn’t work… then I have this awful face rash… which prompted her to test my ANA… along with my symptoms…

My ANA came back positive. She said that the number that came back, isn’t close to a false positive… so she recommended me to see a Rhematlogist. (SP so wrong, I am sorry) .

So I have a date set for April 17th. I have done my intake form, which was 3 pages of questions, that by the end my hands were cramping filling out. lol.

What should I expect? What type of testing? I am so nervous about allof this… it’s overwhelming…

My symptoms…
elevated White blood count
Positive ANA
Vit D Defiicient
Pain all over the body
Tenderness to touch/rub
fevers every now and then
Always sick
pain in feet that makes it hard to walk at times
unable to lose weight
hard breathing.
heart burn…

I could go on forever… … I just want to feel better.
Anyhow… – I hope you all have a beautiful weekend…



Hi, Dawne

And welcome to the Lupus Community. I’m Seenie and I work in Moderator Support at Ben’s Friends. I don’t have Lupus, but I can certainly relate to what you said! I think that’s a very common story amongst people with rare diseases and conditions. I was on the receiving end of that treatment for decades (I was also told I was OCD) and even after diagnosis, and more than enough proof that the problem’s not in my head, I still find myself slipping into self doubt.

It sounds like you are well on your way to feeling better. Take good care, and stay in touch.

Seenie from Moderator Support