1st Dr Appt with Rhuemotologist

Finally had my 1st appt. Loved the Dr very caring and knowlegable. Had TONS of lab work done. She kept me on Meloxicam and added Flexeril. She also diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. I was overwelmed when I left there. Lots of info and one more issue to add to Lupus. My labs results are coming in slowly so far my vitamin D is extremely low and my ANA came back positve and my numbers are much higher than they were in Nov. Anxiously waiting for all my results so I can get some pain relief.

Glad you thought your rheumy was good. Seems to be "attacking" your issues. I have a rheumy I like also. Maybe you will get some relief for your pain now,

Take care


Not something i would usually say ‘congrats’ on but in this case … Congrats on finding a good rhuemy. I honestly think that’s half the battle! Hope you start to feel better!

Sounds a lot like my doctor, but I am in San Diego… It is refreshing to hear there are at least a few good ones out there. I think this is a good approach, hit hard and fast, screen for every possible disease, to rule them out, instead of guessing what you might have, based on gender and personal preference, r pregadous like the old school Rheumy I had. I think it helps that there is better testing, and they are more available then the old days, so the younger doctors are being told if there is widespread chronic bilateral pain, do the tests!
Good luck to you! It takes awhile to see results, for me I am just beginning to feel my muscle pain and tension unwind, and it has been about 7 months taking the anti malarial drug. I was actually shocked yesterday, to find all my muscle groups relaxed, this has been about 40 years of tension! So hang in there!

Hi Michelle

I am glad things are coming together for you. It is always a great relief to have a doctor that seems to be trying to help us. I take prescription vitamin D once a week and can tell a difference.

Wow im glad u have a good doctor such a blessing hang in there make sure u get a good vit d. I take vit d chewable chocolate 5,000 by enzymatic i love em!:slight_smile:

Hello, prayers go out to U…Beverly L.